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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Follow up on Tom Sawyer Coffee's new location by Kendall Yards

Last week we made mention that Tom Sawyer Country Coffee had outgrown their current headquarters and roasting facility at 9226 S. Hangman Valley Rd. and was planning to move to the more urban setting of Kendall Yards. We, now have more details on when that move will happen and what the expect from what the company is calling Tom Sawyer Country Coffee's Urban Stop.

Tom Sawyer Country Coffee will take over and remodel the building at 608 N. Maple St., above the Maple St. Bridge, and while not actually in the Kendall Yards geographical boundary they will share a property line and serve the entire up and coming neighborhood. The company will close down their current facility and move to this location once it is completed. The former location ( address listed above ) is now on the market and comes with a home, six car garage and already has " home industry" zoning ideal for a new business.

Tom Sawyer Country Coffee's new location will still welcome visitors, the location will allow guests to "watch as the finest, Specialty Grade coffees from around the globe are roasted to precision" .

In addition to the coffee roasting operations at the new building, a drive through for coffee is also planned, as is a patio with outdoor seating to enjoy fresh coffees to open in the Spring of 2016. Future phases at the new location also include a full coffee bar and a retail coffee setup. A small private conference room will also be available at the site for groups up to 20 with , of course, an amazing coffee service. Opening at the new Kendall Yards location could happen as early as next month.

Tom Sawyer Country Coffee is a Spokane based coffee roaster and wholesaler who believes that coffee is more then just a beverage, coffee is an experience. The company is owned by a man named Tom Sawyer ( Yes that's his name ) who boasts 50 years of coffee roasting experience. The coffees created by Tom Sawyer Country Coffee are available all over the region, in many coffee shops and espresso drive ups.

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