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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tom Sawyer Country Coffee to expand to Kendall Yards

Locally owned and operated Tom Sawyer Country Coffee has outgrown their current roasting / Headquarters facility at 9226 S. Hangman Valley Rd and will soon be expanding and becoming one of the newest tenants of Spokane's Kendall Yards development.

This news was broke in a member spotlight Youtube video from the West Plains Chamber of Commerce this week. We have inquired directly with Tom Sawyer Coffee but have not received comment back as of yet. By, the sound of the video ( posted below ) the new facility will also include a coffee shop with drive through.

Keep watching for more news on this expansion for Tom Sawyer Country Coffee and the several other new businesses planning to set up shop soon in Kendall Yards ( I'll put an update link at the bottom ). But, for now here is the video from the West Plains Chamber ( )-

For more information on Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, visit their website at-