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Monday, August 31, 2015

New Hampton Inn proposed near Downtown Spokane

While not officially ready to be built just yet, another new hotel, is in the permitting / environmental review phases to be built not far away from Downtown Spokane and directly next to Sacred Heart Hospital on the Lower South Hill.

The proposal calls for a new six story hotel with 109 hotel rooms to be built at 617 S. McCellan St. , the project would also include a four story parking structure for 130 total parking spaces. The project is being purposed by Spokane S. Medical,LLC , who also owns the property and will be right next to the Hospital, likely to accept some the hospital's many longer term visitors. The new hotel will also be branded with the Hampton Inn hotel chain.

There is no set opening date for this new Hampton Inn as of yet as the review processes are currently ongoing. Nor, is there any information about what the new hotel will feature or how many new jobs it will create, I will update this post once I have all of that information. This will be the fourth Hampton Inn location in the Inland Northwest with locations at Riverstone ( Coeur d' Alene ), on Indiana Pkwy. (Spokane Valley ) and here in Spokane on Assembly St.

Hampton Inn is a franchise based hotel chain that is division of the much larger Hilton Worldwide. Their Headquarters is in McLean,VA and they have over 2,000 hotels scattered in many parts of the world. For more information on Hampton Inn, visit their website at-