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Friday, August 14, 2015

West Plains Plaza,a large retail development starting in Airway Heights

The contractors signs are already up, and construction work could start as early as Labor Day on a major new development in Airway Heights. Located, on the southwestern side of the Hayford Rd / US 2 intersection, a busy section on the eastern side of the town.

The project is tentatively named West Plains Plaza and will have six buildings of both retail and office uses. All together the project will have 54,000 square feet of space, that's being developed by West Partners,LLC . Construction work will be done by Meridian Construction and leasing being done by Hawkins Edwards,Inc. If all goes as planned some of the plaza should be completed 3rd or 4th quarter of 2016

Most of the space in the project will be inline storefront space, one of those space's has already been leased for a new Jimmy John's Subs location. In addition, a Pawn 1 will also join the project in one of the site's outlying buildings.

Negotiations are also underway now for the remaining spaces which could be used by small and mid sized retail businesses and restaurants. Three stand alone buildings will also be on the site, one of which for Pawn 1 and another marketed towards banks and credit unions. An office building is also purposed for the development site.

We have contacted the leasing agent on the project for photos and leasing rates , etc and are currently waiting to hear back on that information. I will update this story if and when I get those details.

This is just one of many commercial projects in Airway Heights, we wrote about two that are within a mile of this site recently, here is that story-