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Saturday, August 1, 2015

What's going in next to Panera Bread in Spokane Valley * Update 08/04*

The readers of this blog are awesome! I've received so many emails / comments, etc.. about what is currently under construction next door to the new Panera Bread in Spokane Valley. I love getting everyone's questions about new area businesses ( Submit yours to me, Matt Behringer at ) . But, this one project has prompted enough questions to answer here on the main blog. So here is you answer to what is going in next to Panera Bread....

Building permits and other documents show this new building will serve as a dentist office, under the Aspen Dental chain branding. I have received no comments back from Aspen Dental as of yet, but I have several sources confirming this, so as of now it appears true.

This will be the only Aspen Dental in Spokane, although they have formerly operated in our area in the past. Aspen Dental is a unique kind of dental office, being a chain operation with locations in 20 US states. The company is based Syracuse,NY and operates under it's parent company Aspen Dental Management,Inc.

No news as of yet on how many jobs this new location will create or what dentist(s) will be practicing at this new Spokane Valley location.

Below is a recent photo of the new building, by Panera Bread in the Valley. As you can see construction is progressing very fast with all site work done and the building fully enclosed. Interior work is likely already well underway...

Watch for more updates on this project, and the other new businesses in this part of Spokane Valley.

For more information on Aspen Dental, visit their website at-     

Update: Heard back from Aspen Dental, no firm date for the opening of this location. However, should be around or after October.