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Friday, August 21, 2015

Franko's Dog House -New restaurant review

Tucked away in a largely empty parking lot, in between a smoke shop and a dentist in Post Falls sits a very small new food truck, or food trailer as the case maybe. But don't let the small out of the way location deceive you. Franko's Dog House is a hot dog vendor, selling gourmet hot dogs that are unique and have big flavor.

Their address is 1900 E. Seltice Way and have only been open for maybe a couple of weeks now. Even myself drove by them a few times and dismissed this trailer as just another basic hot dog place that won't last long. That was until they we're featured in The Inlander's weekly entrée e-mail newsletter and I decided I probably should give them a try too. And, I can honestly say I'm glad I did.

Hot dogs from Franko's Dog House are prepared when you order them with often little wait making for a quick, easy lunch. Do they have the best hot dogs in the Spokane area? I can't say as I haven't ordered all that many but for the price they must be among the best.

Franko's Dog House's hot dogs are what I would consider crazy cheap. Hot dogs can range from around $4 up to $5.50 and are fully loaded with toppings and sauces depending on which one you order. Chips and some soda's are also available and making your meal a combo with both chips and a drink will only cost you $1.00 more. During my visit I ordered a Spanish Chihuahua with chips and a drink and it only cost about $5.75.

All of the hot dogs served here have dog themed names, some breeds, some other references . Here is a look at the current menu. I'm told via their website that some special hot dogs may also make appearances in the future...

This picture is a little small but it give you an idea of what is offered. A full menu, that wasn't taken with an iPhone while trying to hide the fact I was taking pictures, is available on their website. In addition to the hot dogs, kettlecorn and jerky can also be found here. Only in Idaho would a food truck also sell jerky....
Franko's does however have a hot dog available for most any taste. Vegetarian's will also want to make note of their " The Cat's Meow " which features no actual hot dog. There is even one called the Huckleberry Hound that served with a huckleberry chipotle, savory and sweet, sign me up!

But, as I mentioned above, I ordered the Spanish Chihuahua. And, here is what I got...

The hot dog was large and topped with pico de gallo and plenty of jalapenos. An ok amount of a chipotle sauce was also added directly to the bun. Defiantly a messy hot dog to eat but at least they gave me lots of napkins. It was a good filling portion just right for lunch.

They do not have much of seating area, just a small table in front of the trailer, but in today's smoke I think it's best to drive home or eat in the car, out of the elements anyways. The staff, what I assume is a couple, are very nice and welcoming. I really get the felling they want to serve a quality product and want customers.

If your ever cruising through Post Falls during the day time, do pull over at Frankos' Dog House and let them know you heard about them on . They probably won't know what your talking about, nor will they give you anything for free, but hey I gotta get this site plugged somehow!!!

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