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Thursday, August 20, 2015

So, is Cracker Barrel still coming to Coeur d' Alene?

Coeur d' Alene getting a Cracker Barrel Restaurant & Country Store has been a rumor ever since I started writing this blog I believe. For a time it was even confirmed that one would locate on the vacant lot across from Winco on Appleway. But, as of today no construction activity has actually started there. Even though, a work trailer and some orange construction fencing remain on that site.

It's looking safe to say plans fell though for the planned Cracker Barrel on Appleway, but the rumor is still there, and it's looking like it could be real again....

First of all, Coeur d' Alene Press columnist Nils Rosdahl wrote a tease that Cracker Barrel may actually be looking to open in Post Falls is his recent column. Here's a link to that-

And, then just yesterday came the biggest hint yet, an awesome reader of this blog alerted me to this job posting....


I fell like I'm on the cusp of debunking this rumor. So, I'm issuing a call for help from all of my great readers. If you have any information about Cracker Barrel coming to the Coeur d' Alene area please email me! My email is and I welcome tips anytime. If you know where Cracker Barrel will be or anything please let me know! I will not name my sources, so don't worry if your under some sort of contracts,etc..

Cracker Barrel's corporate has yet to respond back to my request about this, so I'm putting it in your hands. My readers have done it before with Panera Bread, so let's do it again.

Also, I've uncovered a commercial pre-application in Spokane Valley that might also be for a Cracker Barrel because it says it's for a restaurant with retail store and is at a currently vacant address not far off of I-90. If you have any info about that or other locations also let me know at