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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Looking for a unique Downtown office space? Paulsen Center Penthouse is for lease!

I'm not a realtor, and I try to shy away from using this blog to sell things. But when I came upon this YouTube video, I just had to share it on here.

The video shows the inside of the now for lease penthouse at the Paulsen Center in Downtown Spokane. The penthouse was once the home of the building's namesake Paulsen family, today it's empty, but building management is hoping to find a business that's a right fit to fill the cool old space. Here is that video-

For those who don't know The Paulsen Center is a historic 17 story skyscraper, located at 421 W. Riverside in the heart of Downtown Spokane. It has even been referred to as a city within a city because of the many services that can be found within the building.

The penthouse is not the only office space available within the building either. The building management recently shared this information on available offices at the building ( may not still be accurate, but gives an idea ) -

For more information on the Paulsen Center, or to convince them to let Inland Northwest Business Watch move into the penthouse rent free ! :) visit their website at-

Or, find them on Facebook at-