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Monday, October 26, 2015

Kendall Yards expanding, adding two big new buildings

Being one of Spokane's hottest new neighborhoods, construction is always happening in Kendall Yards. Several small to medium sized condo buildings and single family homes are going up all over the western side of the development. And now, Kendall Yards' developer, Greenstone Homes is about the begin construction on a couple of new big buildings. One will be a large condo building and the other a new office building. Here's the details on both-

Elm Street Condos-

Kendall Yards' Elm St. Condo building will rise soon at the corner Summit Pkwy & Elm St. . The building will have 43,700 square feet of space with 24 condos to be sold upon the buildings completion. The building will also include a small parking garage for residents.

New office building

Kendall Yards is planning to build a new office building by the intersection of Jefferson & Bridge Ave.  Construction will likely start in the spring with Greenstone Commercial already working hard on attracting / finalizing tenants that have yet to be announced. The building will offer about 30,000 square feet of class A office space.


A couple of new business have also opened up shop recently in Kendall Yards' central business district. Including a new non profit center called Spark Literacy Center that acts as a small library / learning / community center. Also, I'm told Greenstone continues to seek out opening a grocery store within the Kendall Yards development but at the present time does not have a tenant secured.