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Monday, January 4, 2016

La Michocana opens in larger building in Spokane Valley

La Michocana , has been described as Spokane's most authentic Mexican grocery / restaurant. It's operated for a few years now in a shopping center in Spokane Valley. But they recently moved up substantially by opening late last year in the former University Appliance Building at 9907 E. Sprague Ave. Just the location is news enough since the building had sat empty for sometime before La Michocana took it over. The new locations sign is seen here from earlier, when they first started remodeling the building-

La Michocana has fully remodeled the building and now has all operations at the site. The new La Michocana has a little more of a restaurant focus then before, with an sizable menu of authentic Mexican dishes . Beers are now available, and more seating has also been added.

But, just as before La Michocana also acts as a full Mexican grocery, with more products then before. Authentic grocery items dot the shelving rows and now they also offer an in store Mexican bakery, meat market and fresh bread and pastry's .

The business is open seven days a week, open 9am - 10pm each day. For more information La Michocana, find their Facebook page at-