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Monday, January 18, 2016

Spokane Valley De Leon Foods now open

Although it opened later then expected, the second location De Leon Foods is now open for business in Spokane Valley. The new location is 17,000 square feet, created roughly 15 new jobs and is similar in some ways to the original De Leon store. The original store is also still open for business  at 102 E. Francis in North Spokane. The new store is in the former Hancock Fabrics storefront at the corner of Sprague & Sullivan ( 15530 E. Sprague Ave. ).

De Leon Foods remains true to being a quality Hispanic grocery store and more. In fact this new Spokane Valley De Leon Foods highlights the in store restaurant a bit more then the one on Francis. The Mexican restaurant portion is a fast casual restaurant with a dining area located immediately to the right when entering the new store. Plus, the new location has a sizable menu of Mexican dishes all priced fairly and made fresh-

The new De Leon Foods location has a modern look and appears to still not be fully set up yet, but still already and exciting addition to the Spokane Valley business scene. And, just like the original De Leon Foods, this location also has a full Hispanic grocery store.

Catering services are also available and a tortilla factory is also about to open, making tortilla's faster then the tortilla operations at the North Spokane store. That even includes their popular blue & green tortilla chips for the Seattle Seahawks.

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