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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Williams Seafood Market & Wines going out of business

In business in the Spokane area since the 1940's , the end has sadly arrived for Williams Seafood Market & Wines . Williams last day of operation will be tomorrow, Sat. Mar. 24th with sales going on now to sell off remaining merchandise.

The store, which is a locally owned and operated business had been located at 2118 N. Ruby , corner of Ruby & Montgomery about five years ago. But, it has moved and evolved around the local area for the last few decades. Williams also recently added a small lunch menu to add to their retail services just weeks ago.

Williams Seafood was owned by Mike Offield , who says the closure is due to rising costs in the seafood market, crab shortages and damages to their merchandise during the Windstorm of 2015. There is currently no news about what might go into their current store location.

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