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Monday, March 7, 2016

Spokane Business & Industrial Park welcoming new tenants

More new businesses are moving into the Spokane Business & Industrial Park in Spokane Valley. Recently " The Park" 's marketing specialist, Chase Breckner completed 2 new leases, bringing more tenants to the massive park. Here's the scoop on who's new and where-

Smart Smoke,Inc.

Smart Smoke, the Spokane based retailer of Electronic Cigarettes has leased space at the Spokane Business & Industrial Park, likely for a warehouse. Smart Smoke occupies 6200 square feet of space in building 2.

Everlasting Scents,LLC

Everlasting Scents, a manufacturer of pet products has also leased space at the Spokane Business & Industrial Park. They will occupy 4000 square feet in building 12 .

The Spokane Business & Industrial Park is also still actively leasing and selling property to businesses of all sizes. For more information on the many opportunities there, visit-