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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mod Pizza, Wells Fargo & Aspen Dental coming to new shopping center on Newport Hwy.

Initially reveled after a Jan. pre-development conference, plans for a new multi-tenant commercial building on Newport Hwy. is now moving forward, with actual work starting now . The building will rise at 9405 N. Newport Hwy, SE corner of Newport Hwy. & Holland Ave. .

This new plaza will be a more modern replacement for the Heritage North retail center that was a two building complex of mostly small local businesses. Many of the businesses in that complex moved onto new locations before this project started, both of those former structures will be demolished.

The new building will be a 10,000 square foot single story plaza with inline retail spaces. Baker Construction & Development will do the construction work on the building which will include a new surface parking lot. The project is owned by Heritage North,LLC , which is affiliated with Black Commercial / NAI Black who did the leasing work for the project. And, unlike many new multi-tenant commercial buildings, this one is being built already fully leased.

In fact, three businesses will move into the building once it is completed. All of which are already in Spokane, but these will be new locations and all are chain non-local operations. Here is what businesses will open at the new 9405 N. Newport-

Mod Pizza ( leasing 2500 square feet )

Wells Fargo Bank ( leasing 3500 square feet )

Aspen Dental  ( leasing 4000 square feet )

We will keep watching for news on this project, and business opening dates.