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Friday, March 4, 2016

Global Credit Union buying Freeway Plaza building

Global Credit Union has acquired the Freeway Plaza office building at 1500 W. 4th in Downtown Spokane. The credit union now plans to relocate their corporate offices from a building in the same neighborhood to the Freeway Plaza.

The Freeway Plaza has had a large vacancy in it after Pemco Insurance moved their regional offices to the Riverview Corporate Center in Spokane Valley recently. Global Credit Union will use that space, but other existing tenants will stay, including a John L. Scott real estate office. Global paid $4.8 million for the building, which it acquired from the Western Washington based Wallace Properties.

Global Credit Union's new Headquarters in the Freeway Plaza building will be larger for the needs of the growing Credit Union. Global is currently in the same block as the Freeway Plaza at 1520 W. 3rd Ave. . There is no news about what might go into their current building, although that will likely also be a piece of news since their building is a unique pyramid shaped building with modern look.

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