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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Follow up: Burger King backs out of Monroe St. plans, Denny's on Division now open

Burger King a no go on NoMo

Recently broke the news that a Burger King franchise, complete with indoor dining area & a drive through was eyeing the former Shari's restaurant location at the corner of N. Monroe & W. Indiana.

Well, plans have changed as the plan did not meet city's " centers and corridors " regulations which largely regulates drive though in pedestrian areas allowing them to not be in-between the building & the street as was the case with Burger King's plans.

This news caused Burger King to back out of property sale, the abandoned former restaurant will remain on the market with no plans yet as to wither it will in fact stay or be demolished.

Denny's new location opens on N. Division

Spokane's newest Denny's restaurant location officially opened for business at dinner time this past Monday. Like all other Denny's locations it is open 24 hours and is operated by California based franchisee Feast Properties,LLC .

It is located at 3525 N. Division by the Division St hill and is the 3rd Denny's in the Spokane area. It is also unique as it is this area's first location using the chain's new " heritage prototype " design style. The location is 4400 square feet and has seating for about 150.