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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Grabbagreen coming to Coeur d' Alene, Spokane soon

Being only a few doors down from the Coeur d' Alene Super Supplements store will soon be what may be the smartest located juice bar / health conscious restaurant ever. The business is called Grabbagreen and is actually a franchise of a growing Phoenix,AZ. based chain.

The Coeur d' Alene location is still being worked on at present time and no exact date is given as to when it might open. We are however told it will be in the next " couple of months " and will be led by franchisee Christina Horton. It will occupy about 2200 square feet of space in the un-named strip mall at 415 W. Neider Ave, but actually facing US 95.

Grabbagreen has been in business since 2013 and has many locations either open or presently in the pipeline. They describe themselves as a fast food restaurant where great tasting, healthy food meets the speed & convenience of traditional fast food. Their " eat clean " menu boasts being preservative free, gluten free and GMO free. The business has gathered much praise in it's few years it's been in operating and their website even has a page full of celebrities who've stopped into other Grabbagreen locations including Seth Meyers, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Brees and many more ( Not endorsed, just been to a location ) .

Grabbagreen does sell several different kinds of smoothies, like several other businesses, but they also boast a good sized menu of healthy food items. Including grain bowls, breakfast items, acai cups & much more.

While Coeur d' Alene will be first to get a Grabbagreen location in the Inland Northwest, Spokane is not far behind. The Grabbagreen website also already lists Spokane as a " coming soon " location but has no information about that planned location. We'll be sure to cover that location when we get more information.

Visit Grabbagreen's website ( ) for additional info on their company, including a look at their menu. Also, the Coeur d' Alene location is already hiring and more info about jobs with Grabbagreen can be found at-