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Monday, July 25, 2016

Large new Rowand Commerce Park proposed on the West Plains

Business owners who need a new location, or those seeking to start a new business will want to make note of a large new commercial / industrial development currently being planned on the West Plains.
The development, which is to be called Rowand Commerce Park will rise on 54 +/- acres just north of the Geiger / I-90 exit, a convenient location to Spokane International Airport.

Rowand Commerce Park is currently a collection of fields surrounding the Rowand Mechine & Washington State Police buildings. But planning is going full force with hopes of actual construction starting this fall. Although they cannot say who, they do mention there already is a small group of tenants already signed onto to sites in the park.

The development, as seen in the picture above could one day house several large buildings, likely meaning lots of new jobs . Also noteworthy is that while the bulk of the project would be Industrial, Warehouses and similar however a portion of the project falls near the actual I-90 interchange. Making lots in that area prime for all kinds of retail / restaurant or even hotel development. This commerce park could be the start of some big changes for this area, as the Airway Express Inn site is also for sale for development land similar to this project.

Around 35 lots will be available in the Rowand Commerce Park and buildings are build to suit. The existing Rowand Rd. will be extended through the property and will provide the lots a link to Geiger Rd. and I-90. . Leasing work is already underway for the development, with this work being done by Doug Byrd of Byrd Real Estate Group. For more information , Mr. Byrd can be reached at 509-326-8080 or via e-mail at