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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Fresh Market, a locally owned grocery store coming to Kendall Yards

Ever since Greenstone began construction in Kendall Yards the hope has been to one day include a community grocery store in the development to serve the populous of the popular development, but also the nearby neighborhoods. Rumors of Whole Foods , Rosauers, Safeway & Trader Joe's stores coming soon have surrounded the neighborhood for a few years.

But, the rumors of when & where Kendall Yards' grocery store will be, we're answered early this week with the announcement that Greenstone is moving forward and has applied for a building permit to construct a grocery store, which will not be part of a chain. The grocery store will be a small urban style store, similar to Seattle's Metropolitan Market. It will be called My Fresh Market and will be partially owned by Jim Frank who is also the CEO of Kendall Yards' developer Greenstone Homes.

My Fresh Market will likely open for business in the Spring of 2017 with actual physical construction starting as soon as next month. The building will be new construction, built on the currently vacant lot on the Northwest corner of N. Monroe & Summit Pkwy, just north of the Monroe St. bridge. The store will be small with 26,000 square feet and two stories. The main floor will be grocery store with the upper floor still in development, likely for a cooking school and wine club.

My Fresh Market's goal is also to connect the local community with area farmers and ranchers to provide only the best locally produced foods, a similar concept to some the restaurants already in the Kendall Yards development. Prepared foods will also be available with fresh pizza, sandwiches and sushi all available.

This will be the third grocery store to locate in the general area of Downtown Spokane, but likely the most full service grocery like. Main Market Co-Op operates a small, mostly organic grocery on the corner of Main & Browne and the Grocery Outlet chain has a store on Maple St, near Third. There has also been confirmation in the past that Whole Foods is in fact looking for a store location in the Spokane area, likely Downtown, but has yet to announce exactly where ( Perhaps once the old Macy's gets renovated? )

We will continue to watch the My Fresh Market project as it progresses, and the rest of Kendall Yards which seeing a spike in new commercial building permits right now for other buildings / new apartment further east on W. Summit Pkwy.