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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Couple of commercial buildings being demolished for ?

Two Spokane area commercial buildings are coming down and you've been asking why. With one we know exactly what will happen ( although it's disappointing ) and the other we're keeping a close eye on but don't know why yet. Here is the details ( as of what we know now... ) -

Sprague & Pines former Albertson's being torn down

It's happened a bit suddenly but the abandoned former Albertson's grocery store at Sprague & Pines in Spokane Valley is coming down and being the lot being cleared. But for what... as of today I must be honest, I don't know yet. The building is owned by Spokane based developer Harlan Douglass so we assume something is in store but nobody is saying. Keep watching for more news on this in the coming weeks.

Downtown Spokane's Mayfair Café also being torn down

There is no denying that the Mayfair Café , an older dive bar & restaurant at 202 S. Washington St. has seen better days. In fact the building has been for sale for the last few years , but it's history has stretched back over 110 years and is even seen in a portion of Macklemore's Downtown music video

But, unfortunately this week crews began taking down the single story structure for Evergreen Parking Service , who will pave over the building's site for a new pay parking lot.  While this is the last thing Spokane needs, we can only hope someday the lot will be re-developed.