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Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Float Spa's Opening Around Spokane.

A few months ago we we're the one of the first to tell you that the " float spa " business trend was about to come to Spokane with the opening of Float Spokane in Liberty Lake. Now we're back to break the news that that same trend is sweeping into other parts of the area.

Float Spokane has now expanded to two locations ( still including the one on Whitman Lane in Liberty Lake ) and new float business called Renew Float Spa is closing in on their opening in the heart of Kendall Yards.

But, before we share the details on the local float spa's we feel we must mention what a float spa is, since they are a relatively new concept to most ( despite them actually being around since the 70's ). In a float spa, customers are placed in " float pods " to float in Epsom salts dissolved into water. The float in the quiet dark space allows the customer to feel almost weightless, letting stress and tension to release from the body. This has been shown to help with some illnesses and as well as just general life.

So, where can you be a customer of a float spa in Spokane? here are the details on the two new places-

Float Spokane - North Spokane

Still going strong at 1334 N. Whitman Ln in Liberty Lake, Float Spokane has now also opened for business in North Spokane near Northtown Mall ( by Snap Fitness in the Northtown Square shopping center ). They are open now and for more information on their business search this site for the post from when they first opened in Liberty Lake or visit-

Renew Float Spa - Kendall Yards

Not only is Renew Float Spa riding the float spa trend, they'll do it in the trendy neighborhood of Kendall Yards. Renew Float Spa is scheduled to open for business on July 22nd at 1170 W. Summit Pkwy and will occupy a 1300 square foot storefront with a small staff of 4.

Renew Float Spa will have 3 rooms each with it's own float pod. There will also be a shower and will be open 7 days a week.

For more information on Renew Float Spa visit their website at-