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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie opening soon in Spokane

Patricia & Laurent Zirotti , owners of the upscale Fleur De Sel French restaurant in Post Falls are branching out to Spokane. But, instead of expanding with a second location, they have created a new quick casual style crepe restaurant concept that they hope to launch soon on the Lower South Hill.

The new restaurant will go by the name, Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie .  This new crepe business will occupy a space at 909 S. Grand Blvd, nearby Sacred Heart Hospital and only a short drive south of Downtown Spokane.

Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie is tentatively scheduled to open around the end of October or early November, with work underway now. The new place will be managed by Harry Crase, a long time employee of Fleur De Sel.
Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie will have a menu of many different types of crepes for most any taste.  Both sweet and savory crepes will be available with the following examples given: Savory crepes, like chicken and truffle or a steelhead trout crepe. And, for sweet crepes, lemon curd and salted caramel.
The new restaurant's main focus will be on breakfast and lunch with hours of operation planned to be 8 - 5 Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday to start.
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