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Friday, September 18, 2015

A look inside Pemco Insurance's large Spokane Valley offices

Back in early March, Seattle based Pemco Insurance moved their regional offices from a space in Downtown Spokane to a bigger facility in Spokane Valley. Today the growing insurance company takes up 26,000 square feet of office space on the fourth floor of the Riverview Corporate Center at 16201 E. Indiana. In fact Pemco's offices there, take up about half of the fourth floor of the large office center.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another I never wrote about this move back in March, so if you'd like to find more information check out this article from the Journal of Business-
Pemco Insurance moves Spokane-area operations to big Valley space

The reason for mentioning this now, is the new Pemco offices, with a cool modern look we're recently featured on the blog, complete with many pictures. There is also a brief description of what all is included in the new Pemco Insurance office space. I encourage checking out this cool article and see what the future of office space in Spokane might look like-
Also, important to note is these new offices we're designed by the Spokane based HDG Architecture & Design. Way to go HDG! ( for more information on HDG, visit- )
And, for more information on Pemco Insurance, visit-