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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Float spa concept comes to Spokane with Float Spokane

The float spa concept is sweeping the nation with new businesses popping up all over to provide customers with this newer, relaxing experience. And now the float spa idea has hit the Spokane area with the recent opening of Float Spokane.

Float Spokane officially opened for business at the beginning of September and can be found easily, not far off of I-90 in Liberty Lake. Their address is 1334 N. Whitman Lane, Liberty Lake,WA 99019. The float spa concept used by Float Spokane is really quite simple, the customer floats, alone inside what they call a Dreampod. The Dreampod is a small capsule like machine that is filled with a high density solution of Epsom salts and 93 degree water. I'm told this concept allows the mind to shut out all stimulation and focus on healing and relaxation.

Promoters of the float spa concept say that regular float sessions can help reduce, even chronic pain conditions like migraines, arthritis , etc... . They say it also boosts the immune system and can improve circulation among other things.

Pricing at Float Spokane is straight forward with single float, packages and memberships available. For example a single float would cost $49 and memberships are anywhere from $110 - $360 a month, memberships do also require a limited 3 month commitment. Online booking for float sessions is also available on the new businesses website.

While Float Spokane is now open for business as the first float spa business in the Spokane area, I have noticed a license for another float spa also coming soon. More on that in the future...

For more information on Float Spokane and to book your float time, visit their web site at-