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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hatch: Creative Business Incubator opens in Spokane Valley

Spokane has so many creative minds, it's part of the reason I love to live here. And providing a place for those creative minds to work and sell their wares is the purpose of a new place now open in Spokane Valley. It's actually a full business incubator of creative businesses, called Hatch : Creative Business Incubator and this is their logo:

The new Hatch incubator is located at 9612 E. Sprague Ave. above The Black Diamond bar. There, Hatch takes up a total of seven office suites and already has a number of cool new business tenants. Among the business that can be found at Hatch are: Terra Obscura, Creative Consignment, ARU , Loud & Proud Entertainment and other painters, artists, writers and video artists. There even is still some vacant space available for more exciting new businesses.

Hatch Creative Business Incubator also offers a event space, an on site classroom and meeting spaces. The owner of Hatch says they are a community and they harbor all true creative hearts.

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