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Monday, May 11, 2015

Pet geared, Francis Avenue Community Center now open in Spokane

I personally recently became a pet owner so the news of a new pet geared community center is big news, at least for me. The center, which is called the Francis Avenue Community Center describes themselves as "the place for people with pets" and with their many different pet related services and classes it's easy to see why.

Francis Avenue Community Center opened in March and is located in about 3000 square feet of space at 1007 W. Francis Ave in North Spokane. They employ only a small group but offer a lot, the building has been divided up into a pet bathing area, dog playroom , common spaces including a kitchen, gift shop and even some event rental space. The center is primarily membership based and most features of the Francis Avenue Community Center are for members only. But, anyone can become a member and rates start as low as $ 12 per month with a trial pass option being available.

In addition to all the features available on site at the Francis Avenue Community Center, many events and classes are also made available every month. Classes include movie nights to watch pet training videos , pet play and pet game nights and much more.

And while the Francis Avenue Community Center is clearly mostly geared towards pets, it is a welcoming place for our pets' pets a.k.a humans. A few different cooking and crafting classes are also currently available at the center.

For more information on the Francis Avenue Community Center, call 509-315-5135 or visit one these web sites-