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Friday, May 1, 2015

Lots of activity at Riverstone in Coeur d' Alene

It felt like there was a brief moment there that construction and new business openings we're starting to slow at the Riverstone mixed-use development in Coeur d' Alene. But as it turns out it was not a slow down, but merely the calm before the storm...

While I admit, I don't have all the details, an article in today's Spokesman Review eludes to just some of what is on the horizon. Mentioned in the small article are...

Anthony's Restaurants planning a new Anthony's Beach Café - already mentioned on this site this is confirmed to be coming to the site next to Bardenay Restaurant overlooking to Riverstone Pond.

Advanced Health Care surgical center- I cannot confirm where yet, but apparently a new surgical center with 80 outpatient units is planned at Riverstone. Construction is coming this year, more soon...

Aspen Homes new corporate HQ- Aspen Homes, a more upscale and mid scale home building with many projects in and around Coeur d' Alene is planning to occupy a new small office building on Lakewood Dr. in Riverstone.

Aspen Homes will also be joined by an office of the business, Labor Consultants.

Pinkerington Retirement Specialists- Pinkerton is planning to relocate their own corporate headquarters to Riverstone. This with large new building currently under construction on the Riverstone Pond on John Loop. The site will open later this year and will also house the Idaho Wildlife Museum.

A new 55+ apartment complex- Not sure where but this will likely be the project to go in at the corner of Seltice and Riverstone Dr. as apartment developer Whitewater Creek recently acquired that space and some signs are up on the property.

Riverfront Townhomes- The long stalled Bellevere development is back in gear and many new luxury homes are and will be under construction soon along the Spokane River within the Riverstone project.

Also, not mentioned in the Spokesman Review article-

-Coeur d' Alene based Active West Developers is developing a gated subdivision of small, energy efficient homes off of John Loop on the western side of Riverstone.

- The Sola Salon chain is opening a new location on Main St. in Riverstone.

-New restaurant, Melone's Culinary Public House is now open next door to Starbucks.

-Nana Mac's clothing store appears to be opening a sister store called Little Mac's in the space that was last a baseball card store on Main St.

-Something looks to be opening at 2040 N. Main, what? I don't know yet.

- The Riverstone location of the Aeropostale has closed it's doors, other local locations are still open however. On the up side this leaves a big open spot for a growing local business to get a prime Riverstone storefront space.

-Riverstone Dental Care expanding. The local clinic with a long run in the development is expanding by taking over the former Exercise Institute building on Merritt Creek Loop which is right next door to their current office. The current office will also stay and the new building will allow the office to add 5 new operatories.

-Chief Architect , a software firm that develops architecture programs is planning to build a new office building at Riverstone to house a new bigger corporate headquarters for themselves. Currently they are in leased space in North Coeur d' Alene.

Business space is still available at Riverstone...

And, while Riverstone is quite the hub of new business openings there still room for more new business. Some land , storefronts on Main ,offices are still up for lease and/or sale. The residential condo's are sold out but some are still for sale / rental by there own individual owners.

For more information on Riverstone, and how your business can set up shop there visit their web site at-