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Monday, May 18, 2015

Two area Aeropostale locations close as part of company cutbacks

Perhaps the days of the American mall are numbered. Sure, some malls like Spokane Valley Mall do great and even the Village at Riverstone is far from empty with many local businesses instead of all mall based chains ( Way to go, Riverstone ! ). But, yet again today I have to report of another mall store closing.

Aeropostale , as part of company cutbacks, has shut their doors at two locations in the Inland Northwest . Both of which closed within the last couple of weeks ,these store closures do not target our area however as some closure did also happen around the nation. In fact, one Spokane location is still open for business in the Spokane Valley Mall.

However two of the once three Inland Northwest Aeropostle stores are now closed, with employees laid off. Those two stores are...

Aeropostale at Northtown Mall , Spokane

Aeropostale at Riverstone , Coeur d' Alene

These two closures come on the heals of the store closures at Deb Shops, a Philadelphia based chain of clothing stores that actually folded completely. Deb Shops had stores in both Spokane Valley Mall and Northtown Mall.

Additionally around the nation some mall store closures have also hit Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Wet Seal. However it is important to note that as of now neither are planning to go out of business at their locations in our area.

Aeropostale is still very much in business, the chain which is based in New York City still has many stores, most of which are in malls. They also have a strong ecommerce presence with their web site. For more information Aeropostale, visit that web site at-