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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Spokane Comcast call center CONFIRMED!

If you've been following for some time now, you'll know I previously posted about the strong possibility of Comcast establishing a new call center here in Spokane. And, I can now confirm that Spokane will in fact soon be home to a new large call center for the national cable and internet company. And, not only will this new call center help our local economy it will also create many new local jobs bringing Comcast up significantly in the rankings of local employers.

Comcast has yet to pick an exact site where they hope to build their new call center, but have ID'd three local sites. My sources says the new call center will be built in Liberty Lake.
Until the call center is built / open a interim center will open, that location also has yet to be announced. Although, one of my sources says it will be located on Sullivan Rd. in Spokane Valley. But this information is not official, although it may be true as the Sykes Enterprises call center space still remains empty and for lease on Sullivan, north of I-90.
When built the new Comcast call center will likely occupy about 80,000 square feet.
The big news behind this new Comcast call center is the amount of new jobs being created. The new call center will employ 675. The company plans to hire about 80 new employees every six week to bring their staffing up to 600+. Pay is not mentioned but the positions will offer full benefits.
The new call center will be primarily in bound customer service but some sales will also be done at the Spokane location.
The Spokane call center was originally purposed by the company during the company's merger with Time Warner Cable. The local site was to assist Time Warner Cable customers with the switch into Comcast / Xfinity service. Since then that merger has fallen through but the company has decided to push forward with open the center here. The company says it decided to keep it's plans for a call center in Spokane based on the local area's quality work force and proximity to higher education.
Spokane is not the only location where Comcast is planning a new customer service call center. Other Comcast call centers are planned in Tucson, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico . This is in part due to many recent customer service issues Comcast has had nationwide. Including a national news story that originated here in Spokane when local resident Lisa Brown complained to the media when Comcast changed their bill name to A**hole Brown. The company is taking a step back and re-thinking how they do customer service.
Hiring is already underway for jobs at the new call center, for information on jobs at Comcast check-
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