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Sunday, May 10, 2015

New restaurant review- Timber Gastro Pub

While we we're far from the first to try the Timber Gastro Pub, the Inland Northwest Business Watch "team" did recently get to take advantage of a mock service at the new restaurant and bar in Post Falls. Here is what we thought and what you have to look forward to when you pay them a visit, which I would recommend you do.

For those of you who don't know about Timber Gastro Pub just yet, it is the new restaurant that is taking over the building that once housed the Hot Rod Café in Post Falls ( 1610 E. Schneidmiller Dr. ). While the spinning hot rod on top of the building is clearly gone you can still see scars of the hot rod reserved parking spots in the parking lot. But make no mistake, Timber Gastro Pub is different from what once was.

Timber Gastro Pub has different more modern look on the inside, being designed by HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design Group of Spokane. The interior is modern but a little on the plain side and here is where one of my complaints does come, it's very open. Openness can be nice but in this case it just makes it loud when you get that people a room together. It will probably be a lot better once the newness wears off and the crowds are so big though.

One nice feature of the restaurants interior however is the fact that it pays respect to the history of the local area. The is done through lots of wood, logging pictures and stone through-out the building. This is important as Timber Gastro Pub is not a chain restaurant but instead locally owned and operated by Bill Miller and Randy Ingraham who also own Longhorn BBQ in Spokane & Airway Heights and Maggie's South Hill Grill in Spokane.

In addition to giving Post Falls a new locally owned eatery, Timber has also created many new local jobs. Over 40 employees will staff the establishment and they are reportedly still hiring to fill some of those 40 jobs.

Before I get to Timber's food, I must mention the bar. Timber Gastro Pub does have a full bar in addition to beer and wine. During the mock meals it looked like the full bar menu was maybe not yet available, but what they do have is a good list of unique mixed drinks, some even include beer.

There is a wine list, but if you follow this blog much you'll probably notice I'm more of craft beer person. So, sorry wine fans you won't get a wine list picture here .... But, you will find the tap list, all set for opening day ( which is Monday, May 11th by the way )

Timber Gastro Pub offers 16 different beers on tap. Sure, they don't have the most beers in the Spokane area but they do have a good selection. And, I must applaud them for serving a lot of local beers. Even some directly from Post Falls like the Down Draft Smash IPA from Down Draft Brewing Co. which opened not long ago themselves on Seltice Way in Post Falls.

As you can see Timber also has a beer that was brewed just for them by Waddell's Brewing Company of Spokane. It is the Timber House Scottish Style Ale at the top of the tap list. This is what I ordered and in my opinion it is a must drink! A 6.5% ABV and a great very almost smoky taste, it's one of the most flavorful beers I've had in awhile.

But, enough about beer , let's look at the food at Timber Gastro Pub. Again, we attended a mock service so the menu was not complete. But it does give a good idea of what will be offered by the restaurant once they open for good on Monday. Here is the menu-

Timber Gastro Pub will serve a lot of different choices, from burgers and sandwiches to full entrees and yes pizzas made fresh in a wood fired stove, which can be seen right in the middle of the restaurant.

During our visit, I ordered a burger called the Consummate. It was delivered fast and cooked well, I would have been ok with some pink in the meat for flavor but all in all I have no complaints. The consummate burger is a burger with both bacon cured in house and a sunny egg. It was very delicious and " hit the spot".

The burger arrived with two medium sized patty's and seasoned " Timber" French fries. In addition to ketchup, which I have been told is made in house, but I cannot confirm that fact. The fries do have a generous amount of seasoning so be prepared for that but they are quite good.

Water pitchers are left on each table for extra drinks, but the wait staff at Timber seems quite attentive. Our waitress, Kayila, was always there for any questions despite probably have many other tables to serve. They also can give ideas on what to order and tips on drinks, it's also nice that despite them just opening they amount of staff was not overwhelming. Some new places seem to have as many staff members as the do customers on their first nights in business.

I must admit, when I heard another bar was coming to Post Falls I had my doubts considering at the time it was marketed as exactly what Post Falls needs. But, I take back those thoughts as this is exactly what Post Falls needs. A new place to just get some good food that's a little different the all the chains and the fast food restaurants.

I will definitely be going back to Timber Gastro Pub. It's a place that most people can probably agree on and with some good drinks to keep the mood light and fun.

Thank you, Timber Gastro Pub  for allowing us the opportunity to dine in this mock service meal."; alt="Timber Bistro & Pub on Urbanspoon" src="> style="border:none;width:200px;height:146px" />

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