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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Downtown Spokane becoming a hub for the local craft beer scene?

Spokane is a great place for a craft beer lover, our region is now dotted with dozens of microbreweries cranking out many different types of beers. In fact our city is the first to have it's own style of beer, " Spokane style" which is an officially recognized style after NoLi Brewing Co created it a couple of years ago.

But unlike some cities / regions around the United States, Spokane has no central district for it's breweries. And although I support having beer made in every corner of the Inland Northwest, a certain brewery district of sorts could really give a boost to both that neighborhood and the local breweries.

And, it's looking like a sort of district of breweries may be in the early stages of forming with some big brewing news coming out of the city center. Here is what's new Downtown....

Orlison Brewing Co. to open tap room in Downtown Spokane

After a couple of years a setting their sights only on selling their beers in the wholesale marketplace, Orlison Brewing Co. of Airway Heights will be remodeling an historic downtown space for a new tap room. The new space will be in the former Luxe Coffee Shop storefront at 1017 W. 1st Ave.

The Orlison Brewing Downtown location will feature 16 different beers on tap and offer some of the breweries more experimental batches, etc.. . The building Orlison will be located in also has a large ballroom, and they are working on possibly gaining occasional access to that as well their own space.

Orlison Brewing Co. will keep their HQ and production facility in Airway Heights at 12921 W. 12th. There is no official tap room at that building although they can, and still will fill growlers there.

Young Buck Brewing still in development in Downtown Spokane + " The Incubator "

Young Buck Brewing is still working on moving into their own new space on the eastern side of Downtown Spokane. The brewery hopes to be all set up and open for business sometime this summer.

Young Buck Brewing will take some of the space in the former Spokane Public Market building at 32 W. 3rd Ave. . They are also of interest because they are the anchor brewery of sorts behind a new brewery incubator there.

Several small breweries will actually share the space and equipment, a small tap room is even planned at the site to feature some of those newly created beers. We don't know what all breweries will be located at the new incubator but will continue to watch this development closely.

NoLi Brewing looking to expand into Downtown Spokane

One of Spokane's biggest breweries NoLi ( formerly Northern Lights Brewing Co. ) is confirmed to be looking a for a new space in the heart of the Downtown core. They plan to keep their brewery / restaurant however in addition to this new Downtown location.

They have not yet picked this location however, so watch for more on this in the near future. NoLi operates out of the Riverwalk development, not far east of Downtown Spokane actually at 1003 E. Trent.

Iron Goat Brewing Co. moving to Downtown Spokane

This has been a rumor around town for a little while, and it is completely true. Only thing is they won't release any information on it just yet.

Iron Goat will use to former Jones Automotive Engines building at 1302 W. Second. The building is a historic former warehouse / garage so it should make for an exciting new brewery. Currently Iron Goat Brewing is located east of Downtown at 2204 E. Mallon.

Also, in Downtown Spokane...

While there is a lot of new breweries coming into Downtown it's important to take note of those that are already in the city center. These include...

Steam Plant Brewing
159 S. Lincoln

River City Brewing
121 W. Cedar

Black Label Brewing
19 W. Main

And, for breweries all around the Inland Northwest check out the Inland NW Ale Trail. It's probably not all the breweries but still a pretty cool idea-