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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fellow opens, adds to the available coworking space in Spokane.

The coworking trend that I've spoken of a couple of times before continues to grow in the Spokane market. And only day's after writing about a new coworking space in Steam Plant Square , I'm pleased to announce another new coworking office space option in Downtown Spokane.
Fellow is the name of this new business and they are currently in what they are calling a soft opening phase. Fellow is located directly in the Downtown core with a location that couldn't possibly get more centralized.

Fellow is located at 107 S. Howard St. in Suite 400. 107 S. Howard is known as the Symons Building and is home to a few other successful local businesses like NAI Black. The location is only a couple of blocks away from the STA Bus Plaza , an easy walk to River Park Square and basically all of Downtown Spokane.

To best describe Fellow I think I must do a bit of plagiarism and share how the new business is promoted on the co-working web site , ....

" Fellow is a coworking space, but it’s more than that.
It is a community of people and organizations with varied skill sets and shared values who work independently and collaboratively to create great work that does real good.

We believe that beauty, justice, and innovation are values that go hand-in-hand.
And we are not alone. "

Fellow is open 24 hours a day for their permanent members and Wi-Fi , a shared printer and a on site conference room are all offered to members. Monthly desk rentals for those seeking a permanent desk are available but not required to use the space. Punch cards are even available for those seeking to use the space , perhaps , only occasionally. Or maybe even just to try Fellow out. But one thing is for sure , if your looking for co-working space in Spokane you should definitely try Fellow out.

For more info on Fellow ,including how to contact them visit-