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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Resturant Openings & Closings - Oct 8th 2013 + Brewery News

While the amount of new restaurants and the like has slowed a bit the news contained in this update is much bigger then our normal updates. Today, we have a 4th new restaurant ( well, ice cream shop... ) announcement coming to Kendall Yards and a the first restaurant announcement for the development around the new Winco in Coeur d' Alene. Plus  much more, so check it out.....

Enaville Resort ( aka The Snake Pit )

The landmark bar / restaurant , The Snake Pit , located at 1480 N. Coeur d' Alene River Rd. in Kingston,ID (Silver Valley) is re-opening and re-hiring. The business which has been around for many many years was recently sold to new owners who intend to keep the business open. The new owners are Kim and Joannie Gittel .


The Crossroads at Coeur d' Alene development which is anchored by the large new Winco Foods grocery store ( which is rumored to be opening next month , significantly ahead of schedule ) will be home to Coeur d' Alene's newest Subway sandwich shop.

There is no word as to when the new Subway there will open however, construction at the current time has only been on the main Winco store with construction on other business spaces coming in the near future.

The new Subway will be just west of the store and will also join Chase Bank , Spokane Teachers Credit Union , Jack in the Box and Super Cuts as tenants of the new development located at the corner of Ramsey Rd. and Appleway just north of I-90 in Coeur d' Alene

Brain Freeze Creamery

Joining the rapidly growing Kendall Yards mixed use development near Downtown Spokane is, Brain Freeze Creamery. The business is already known locally as a supplier of locally produced Ice Cream to a number of local shops and restaurants, but the new location in Kendall Yards will be the companies first actual walk-in retail location.

Brain Freeze Creamery is scheduled to open sometime in the Spring and will be the first tenant in a new commercial and residential building going up in the heart of the Kendall Yards project site. The new location will , of course, serve up Brain Freeze Creamery's favorite ice creams but also a select few other items. Including coffee drinks, snacks and some sandwich options.


Jonesy's , a breakfast and lunch restaurant which had been in Downtown Coeur d' Alene along Sherman Ave. across from the Blackwell Hotel (Sherman and 9th ) has closed it's doors. The closure was a bit un-expected , however a few business have come and gone from the same building in recent years.

EJ's Garden Bistro

Open as a restaurant and bar for a little over a year, EJ's Garden Bistro at the corner of Pacific Ave. and Cannon St. in Spokane's Browne's Addition has also closed it's doors. The EJ's closure is also un-expected but there is a mention on another blog that the business will be "taken in a different direction" .

Volstead Act

Volstead Act is a new bar opening up shop in Downtown Spokane. The business is now open and is located close by the STA Bus Plaza on the ground floor of the Peyton Building. Volstead Act's address is 12 N. Post St. and the site was formerly a French restaurant.

Volstead Act is small bar modeled after the times of prohibition and features drinks using craft and/ or locally produced spirits.

Temptations Cupcakes

The small Coeur d' Alene satellite store of Temptations Gourmet Cupcakes has closed up shop. The cupcake business had been in the Ace Hardware anchored shopping center at the corner of N. 4th St. and Harrison in Midtown Coeur d' Alene.

However fans of Temptations don't have to travel far as Temptations remains open at the businesses original store at the Prairie Shopping Center near the corner of N. Government Way and Prairie Ave in Hayden.

And now for the new local brewery news!

English Setter Brewing

English Setter Brewing is not actually a new brewery for the Spokane beer scene but it is probably the most unknown. Why is that? because English Setter Brewing business location is actually a residential garage in Spokane Valley.

But that will soon change as English Setter is setting up an actual full brewery in a new, larger and commercial location. The business however will remain in Spokane Valley with the brewery taking over the former Caruso's Sandwich shop location at 15310 E. Marietta Ave. Suite 4.

No word as to when English Setter will actually open up shop at the new location or if a tap room is to be included with the new location. A liquor license however has already been filed for the new location.

Cloudburst Brewing

The new brewery on the block doesn't even have a block yet to be new on. Cloudburst Brewery has started brewing and filed for a liquor license. However at the present time they are currently working on an actual location for the brewery.

We are also hearing that River City Brewing Co. is working on opening up a tap room. And that Orilson Brewing in Airway Heights will soon be available in cans in many new stores around the Spokane area. Keep watching for more on this and other Spokane beer business news in the future!