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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Washington Healthplan Finder call center in Spokane Valley hiring more staff

The Affordable Care Act , Obamacare , whatever it is you personally call it, this new universal health care option is now available to all. And in Washington State when you call the state's health insurance exchange , also known as Washington Healthplan Finder, the voice on the other end is actually right here locally in Spokane Valley.

That's because the only call center for Washington Healthplan Finder is a center operated by Virginia based Faneuil and is located nearby Mirabeau Park on E. Cherry St. in the Valley . And , as it turns out, the new insurance option, is creating quite a few calls with questions about insurance in addition to calls wanting to sign up for new health insurance.

The call volumes are way over what was originally predicted , however some of the calls coming in so far are calling in because of difficulties with the web site , since that site has also been overwhelmed with people seeking answers.

Because of the high call volumes the new call center is planning to hire more staff . The site opened to the public in early September with some 80 new local jobs. But now we have learned that to keep up with demand an additional 115 new jobs will be created at the site. Hiring is already underway for these new jobs and plans are to stagger new groups of employees on over the next couple of months. No additional office space will be added at this time, as the new jobs will all be in the existing space.

It is assumed that these new jobs at the call center will be like the other positions , full time with a full benefits package. Job info with Faneuil can be found on their website via a "careers" tab ( note : as of this weekend, the careers tab is down. This however may have to do with high web traffic (?) )
The Faneuil web site can be found at-

The Washington Healthplan Finder continues to sign up and answer questions for all Washingtonians to get health insurance to become in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. More info on health insurance options in Washington state is available via the Healthplan finder by contacting-

Or by calling the call center at-