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Friday, October 18, 2013

Visit Spokane planning to move Visitor Center to River Park Square

Spokane's Visitor Center has been a hot button issue for the staff and volunteers of Visit Spokane , the city's Convention and Visitor's Bureau. That's, in part, because the Visitor Center which is at the corner of W. Main Ave and Browne on the eastern side of Downtown Spokane is not really near where the visitor's actually are. But soon that will change with an upcoming move.

Visit Spokane plans to close the current building which is actually leased from the City of Spokane. The Visitor Center will then relocate to the ground floor of River Park Square. The new center in River Park Square will be a kiosk style location in between the main floor parking station and Chatters Salon , behind the escalator's .

The new Visit Spokane center at River Park Square is estimated to be open by Nov. 1st. The space is considerably smaller the current location but will have a smaller operation cost and even more important , more foot traffic and a lot more contact to people visiting the city.

The new Visitor Center's goal will remain the same, to provide info about Spokane including attractions , hotels , restaurants , shopping and much more. The Visit Spokane Visitor Center also provides free maps of Spokane and surrounding areas. It will also continue to be staffed 7 days a week.

The old location of W. Main will most likly be vacant for a while as no plans have been made as of yet for a new tenant of the city owned building. Visit Spokane does plan to eventually re-open a new permanent Visitor Center at some point in the future. However for now the organization will use the funds being saved by the new center to launch a mobile info kiosk.

The mobile info center will be a vehicle that will be used to travel to local events and provide area info at said events. Plans aren't as far along on the mobile visitor vehicle, but it is estimated to launch in the Spring of 2014.

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