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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Renovations wrapping up soon at Spokane's Liberty Building

If you haven't been inside of Downtown Spokane's Liberty Building recently, then the time is now as you'll be in for quite a surprise with all the new renovations. While the renovations are still ongoing , one can now see most of the finished product which includes new layout for almost all of the landmark retail shops on the building's lower levels.

The Liberty Building is located in the heart of Downtown Spokane at the intersection of Main and Washington. To many the building is known as the home of local favorite Auntie's Bookstore but many other tenants actually make up the structure's diverse tenant roster. The first floor is retail with the restaurant Sante , a mezzanine space is made up of retail / office and a small event area. Upper floors on the 4 story structure are office space much of which is also filled.

The building is very historic, 105 years old in fact . But these new renovations do nothing to damage the building's historic look and feel. Here is what is known to have been changed by the renovations-

New, bigger space at Uncle's Games.

Uncle's Games , a sister retail shop of Auntie's has done work to get a bit of a new look at their store on street level of the building. And more notably Uncle's Games has grown in size, the business now also has space in the back for in store gaming.

New layout at Auntie's Bookstore.

Auntie's Bookstore is now in a somewhat smaller space with both Uncle's and Sante infringing into the store's former space. But a re agreement of some of the store's departments have made the store still a great local bookstore. Auntie's still also occupies about half of the mezzanine level and a majority of the 1st floor. The children's bookstore portion is untouched and remains in the northwestern corner of the building.

New space / bar at Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie.

Sante is a local favorite restaurant with a menu of French / Pacific Northwest dishes. It too was included in the renovations at the Liberty Building. Sante now has some of the former Auntie's floorspace and plans a bar called The Bucher Bar. The Bucher Bar at Sante is expected to be open sometime in the next couple of months. Probably during November.

New retail space.

For the first time in awhile there is new retail space now up for lease at the Liberty Building. The space is small and directly at the top of the stairs on the mezzanine . The space is 380 square feet with a lot of foot traffic. The space is being marketed towards local merchants , artisans or local wine and beer vendors. Info on leasing is on the building's website.

Studio H Advertising & Design moves into The Liberty Building.

While not a direct result of the renovations it is of note that Studio H is one of the newest businesses to set up shop at The Liberty Building . Studio H is an up and coming advertising & design firm that opened in the building's office space in the last couple of months.

The Liberty Building is a true hub for business in Spokane. Although not included in the renovations and a bit past the being in a new business phase, the building is also home to the Liberty Business Center. The Liberty Business Center is an exciting space of 12 executive office suites. The offices are smaller with affordable , flexible leases. This space is perfect for small local businesses and start-ups seeking a place to get off the ground. More info on The Liberty Business Center is available on The Liberty Building's web site listed below in the link section.

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