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Monday, October 14, 2013

Rumor Mill - Will Silverwood get a hotel ?

The Rumor Mill page on here has been one of the most popular features on the Inland Northwest Business Watch site, so I figured it was time to address a few more rumors that have been around the Inland Northwest. And one of the business rumors that has been around the longest is today's focus:

Is Silverwood Theme Park getting a hotel?

The rumor is that the Norton family and the management behind Silverwood are planning to add a hotel on the park's site. Mostly I've heard this purposed hotel will be build on the grassy area across from the Main Street  not far from the park entrance.

Silverwood can be very secretive about their future plans so it's very hard to figure out exact ideas and plans , however it actually appears that this rumor is actually true. But don't count on the hotel opening any time very soon.

In 2012 a rep.of Silverwood did tell the Spokane Journal of Business that a hotel at the park was on the "drawing board " . But that's all the more that story says . A web site of Silverwood fans called Roller Coaster Alley has discussed this a few times and several people on that site seem to have also heard there is truth to this rumor.

But what the hotel will like , how many rooms , themes , etc... seem to be not yet known. However , Silverwood seems to be planning something else big. On the aforementioned Roller Coaster Alley web site , park owner Gary Norton spoke with that site for a podcast that has been posted on their site.

According to the site , in that podcast Mr. Norton references a major project coming to the park in 2015. Some might think that this project could be the hotel, however Mr. Norton also says this project will expand the park by upwards of 50% which seems to be more then just a hotel. He also says this would be a major project and something no one else is doing. We will have to watch for more on this.

Silverwood did also recently re-zone over 90 acres of land owned by the park to the south of the main park. The re-zoning was to commercial , however with the new US 95 freeway exits now open at the park and nearby this land it may be for other future projects and not the hotel.

Despite there being no hotel yet actually at Silverwood, visitors don't have to travel far as a number of hotels are only few miles to the south of the park site. Included in those hotels is the Holiday Inn Express /Triple Play which is popular destination itself for families with it's indoor water park and numerous other family attractions.

No matter what happens at Silverwood Theme Park over the next few years, it surely will remain a major area attraction. For more info on Silverwood visit-

And for more info from the Roller Coaster Alley , fan site , visit -