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Friday, October 25, 2013

New stores opening in & around Silver Lake Mall in CdA

While a good percentage of the stores coming to Silver Lake Mall are surely seasonal stores for the upcoming holiday shopping season, it's still a great sight to see all that is now open or opening soon in and around the Coeur d' Alene shopping center.

Here is a look at what all we know is opening at the mall...

- Dog & Pup Studios will be returning soon , Dog & Pup was a mall tenant last holiday season.

-See's Candies , a favorite seasonal chocolate shop with a few locations in the area will open soon at Silver Lake Mall.

-Kopter Krazy , The toy remote control helicopter vendor will open a kiosk near the center court soon.

-Puzzle Lights will open soon in the mall.

-Infinity Lights will open a kiosk soon at the mall.

-Adam Cara Artisans will open a kiosk near the food court soon.

-Widgett's Too Antique Store has recently moved to a new space in the mall, where Pac Sun used to be. The old Widgett's Too space though is not vacant...

-That space is now Memory Lane , an antique / vintage store that is similar to Widgett's and born as a antique mall vendor ( Good to see a local business moving up! )

-Toys R Us has opened a Toys R Us express store in the mall where Timberline Trading Company's clothing store once was.

Unfortunately there are a few spots at the mall where stores are leaving, that list is lucky a lot shorter but still there. Those shops are...

-Huckleberry Thicket is still open in the mall as of today, however the business is planning to relocate to a building in Post Falls that is currently being remodeled to meet the businesses needs.

-Saltwater Emporium , a saltwater fish and supply store has closed in the mall. The business is also moving only and not closing. They plan to open soon at 4025 N. Government Way in Coeur d' Alene.

And even around the mall many changes are happening....

- Silver Lake Masonry Supply north of the mall at 7000 N. Government Way is going out of business.

-Smokes & Suds has opened a new store selling beer , wine , cigars and a full selection of smokes in Silver Lake Square shopping plaza at 6848 N. Government Way. less then a block north of the mall.

-EJ's Dollar Store which is now operating as a thrift store , but still under the EJ's name has relocated from Rathdrum to the Silver Lake Square plaza at 6848 N. Government Way.

- Haute Mess , a women's clothing boutique and their sister hair salon business have opened up shop in the 6000 block of N. Government Way directly across the roadway from the mall.

-Moco Cellular Accessories which was in the same building the Haute Mess is in now ( it's a small plaza ) at 6680 N. Government Way has gone out of business.

Silver Lake Mall is often a forgotten shopping destination in the Inland Northwest because it faces fierce competition from other larger area shopping centers. But is still home to many stores , some of which are locally owned and operated and still worth checking out!

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