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Friday, October 4, 2013

Bikini Barber Shop comes to Spokane

The "bikini barista" coffee stands have most of the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area covered now, with locations all around stirring up more then a fair share of controversy. Currently the City of Spokane Valley has began addressing rules and regulations for said business and the City of Spokane has attempted to do the same.

But as of right now, really only the standard licensing rules apply to this type of business so they are spreading out. And apparently , per a advertisement in this week's Inlander , the concept is branching into other fields of business as well.

A new bikini barber shop , called Bikini Barbers has opened up shop in Spokane. The shop, which is located in East Spokane at 2225 E. Sprague Ave is promoted in the ad as " best haircut and best view in Spokane ".

Other then the address, we know very little of this business. But it is interesting to see just how much this relatively new business idea has grown in only a short period of time.